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The root bark of the Tabernanthe iboga plant is traditionally consumed as part of a spiritual ceremony by members of the Bwiti religious tradition in Western Africa. Consumed orally, it produces a number of effects including intense visions, euphoria, and – depending on dosage – mild sedation or stimulation.


Tabernanthe Iboga root bark is one of the most powerful visionary plants on the planet and its use indicates that a ‘Bwiti Initiation’ has been successfully undergone. Initiates are able to access their ancestral spirit guides during the ceremony, as well as deities, who foretell the future.

Tabernanthe iboga root bark is made from the roots taken from the iboga plant and dried. The plant grows in much of the rainforest in Western Central Africa, principally Gabon, Cameroon, and Angola, within an area spanning 1000sq km. Iboga has a number of active chemicals in its root bark, most notably ibogaine and tabernanthine – both of which are psychoactive when ingested. Ibogaine is an alkaloid that is used for treating narcotic drug addiction, such as those associated with heroin and cocaine.

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Culturally, iboga is a powerful symbol of initiation and communitas. Physically, a large dose of iboga induces powerful hallucinations and a complete loss of bodily control (partial catatonia). This condition is marked by intense sweating, salivation, coughing, and in some cases vomiting. In this state, initiates report having visions relating to their life and past families. These ceremonies are conducted by the Bwiti elders of the village, who sing all night to the beats of special drums, which then initiates must learn to drum during the ritual. The ritual begins with the preparation of the ‘Bwiti’, which involves dancing and singing by the initiates. The ‘Bwiti’ is a mixture typically produced from the bark of various Acacia trees as well as a cassava leaf extract. The ceremony lasts three days and ends at sunrise on Sunday morning when the initiates are considered new adults.


In the small Bwiti ceremony, which is traditionally held in someone’s home, the iboga root bark is chewed by the chief initiate or ibo so that all participants are able to taste a little of the bitter root. It generally takes about a minute for the effects to kick in and everyone present stands up and cleanses themselves (either by washing their face in a bowl of water or by sprinkling water over their heads), after which each person crosses the dry stream bed to ‘cleanse’ themselves of their evil deeds. Participants then gather around and sing many of the Bwiti songs while they wait for everything to take effect.


WHO IS PURE IBOGA ROOT BARKS? Our iboga root bark is sourced from Gabon Africa. Our aim is to provide high-quality products from sources that adhere to the most stringent of controls. We are very proud to be the only UK distributor that has support from and in-depth knowledge about Tabernanthe iboga. From our initial connections with this amazing plant, we have been able to develop a contact network that allows us best product delivery from the field, in regions of Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Burundi, and Angola.


Pure Tabernanthe iboga root bark is more potent than its extracts with good reason. The plant is a bit of an enigma, enjoying the distinction of being psychoactive in the raw state, i.e., not requiring any preparation to have an effect. This makes it extremely interesting to many, however, you’ll find it necessary to accept the fact that burning or smoking it will not produce any effects whatsoever! Source and photo credit:


We are pleased to be able to offer the PURE IBOGA ROOT BARKS (Tabernanthe Iboga) from Cameroon. These iboga root bark sachet powders are carefully gathered and made into small traditional medicinal doses. The iboga root bark is a powerful, visionary plant but must be used with care. When taken at low doses the effects are stimulating and energizing, but in higher doses ibogaine has the potential to produce a near death-like experience (though without the negative aspects of such an experience) and, once this condition has passed, users report profoundly ecstatic spiritual and mystical states, lasting between five and seven days with residual effects that can last many months.


Our PURE Iboga Root Bark is supplied in 2 sizes 25gms – 50gms to m


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