Since Tabernanthe Iboga is a very valuable gift from nature to humanity, we feel responsible that this tree has not died out.

Iboga capsules are made from 100% pure Tabernanthe Iboga ground root bark. Each capsule contains a minimum of 500mg Iboga, extracted from mature trees under the supervision of our team of experts. The root bark is ground by hand to a fine powder with a specialist grinder, to guarantee that just the bark and no wood or other matter is included in the supplement.

Our Capsules  are made from the finest Tabernanthe Iboga. These capsules are made of a ground powder that contains nothing but pure Iboga root bark.

Capsules (500mg) are the finest and most effective way to enjoy Iboga. So far the capsules have always been available from the manufacturer of the Iboga plant Tabernanthe Iboga.


Iboga has been used in Africa for thousands of years as an important part of the culture. Iboga capsules contain 500mg of pure Iboga root bark. Each powder is carefully hand-ground, and made from true Iboga and not herbage material. This enables for the greatest effectiveness, highest quality, and accuracy in measuring doses.


since Tabernanthe iboga has a different chemical structure than Rhoeadne and Scopolamine like-alkaloids and contains only small amounts of these substances the dose is much higher. This means that a number of iboga capsules can be swallowed.

Tabernanthe Iboga is a small, leafy tree found in central Africa. Its name comes from the Latin word taberna, meaning “hut,” and the Greek word bōgē, meaning “plant.”

Iboga root bark contains the alkaloids Ibogaine, Noribogaine, and Voacangine. In combination with harmless and MAOIs, Iboga is mostly used as a treatment for opiate addiction.

Since Tabernanthe Iboga is a very valuable gift from nature to humanity, we feel responsible that this tree has not died out.

We are happy to present to you Capsules. We worked hard to get this product to you as pure and high quality as possible. The powder is produced in a traditional way, in a very small village in Gabon where the Tabernanthe Iboga grows naturally. That’s why we can guarantee the highest possible quality. Our Iboga is a gift from mother nature and we do our best to keep it alive by working with local collectors and farmers in Gabon that work with sustainable methods.

The CAPSULES are produced in a very careful and specialized way. Iboga capsules are individually filled in a high-quality pharmaceutical factory to ensure high quality. The unique method of extraction is called the “Wassermann Method”. This extraction method results in absolutely pure, clean Iboga powder. During the production, Iboga powder and Gelatin are thoroughly mixed. These capsules are then filled into size 1 capsules (size 0 is offered as an alternative). The advantage of this filling method is that each capsule has the same content regardless of mass production because the specified substance-to-weight ratio for Iboga remains the same for all capsules produced under controlled conditions with much attention to detail and handwork. Iboga capsules contain 500 mg ‘active’ Ibogaine in every capsule.

Our Iboga capsules are extracted from Tabernanthe Iboga root bark. Botanically it is called the Tabernaemontana Iboga. This root bark comes from wild Iboga root bark collected in Bwiti Initiations in Gabon and Cameroon

Each Iboga capsule contains Ibogaine HCl (Tabernanthe Iboga extract) 500mg plus caffeine 30mg

Iboga capsules (500mg) have been widely used as a therapeutic aid in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, phobias and neurosis, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other symptoms that are related to the use of drugs. It is also a very popular vegetal antidepressant.


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